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Terms and Conditions

1. Rules

• This site was established by MIZOZO FASHION DESIGNERS LTD. (Exempt Dealer) – a company that manufactures, markets and sells clothing and fashion items – “MIZOZO FASHION DESIGNERS LTD” or “MIZO” or “the company” from 8 Hachshmal st. Tel-Aviv, Israel Tel: +(972)35164105.
• The site is owned by MIZOZO FASHION DESIGNERS LTD and is operated and operated exclusively by them.
• The Company grants you access to the Site and the services provided by it, all subject to the conditions set out below.
• The Terms of Use will apply to any use and / or purchase made by you on the Site and will constitute the basis for any discussion between you and the Company, unless modified in a document signed by both parties. If you do not want / agree that these conditions will be binding on you, you are hereby requested not to make any use of the Site.
• By accessing and / or using the Site, you hereby irrevocably accept and agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
• You represent that you are legally authorized and legally authorized by law to make use of the Site and to make purchases through the Site
• As a condition of using this website, you undertake to MIZOZO FASHION DESIGNERS LTD not to use the Site for any illegal purpose and / or for any purpose prohibited by the terms, conditions and notices contained in the Terms of Use.
• The Company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion, without the need to give any prior warning and / or notice, and hereby agree that you will have no claim, suit and / or demand against the Company and / or anyone on its behalf The date of application of the change shall be the date of publication of the updated version of the articles of association, and any action performed on the site after publication as aforesaid shall be subject to the updated regulations.


2. Purchase of products

• A variety of items from MIZO are available on the site
• The site is intended for the purpose of making purchases for personal use only, including for the purpose of giving gifts and not purchases with commercial characteristics. MIZO reserves the right not to honor and / or cancel orders and / or purchases which in its opinion were made contrary to the aforesaid. MIZO also has the right to take all legal measures at its disposal against violators of the terms of use of these Articles. The photographs appearing on the website (hereinafter: “the photographs of the items”) are intended for illustrative purposes only. MIZO makes every effort to ensure that the photographs of the items reflect the characteristics of the items actually provided. However, there may be changes and / or inaccuracies arising from graphic problems, techniques, use of computer monitors in various variations, use of various software, etc. It is hereby clarified that the photographs of the items do not constitute a representation of the Company prior to the purchase of the items.
It is hereby clarified that MIZO is not responsible for errors of any kind appearing on the Site, including errors in the text, errors in the description of the item, its price, etc., and reserves the right to cancel any order that originates in error, as stated above, Any claim and / or demand and / or claim against cancellation as aforesaid.
• Items listed on this website will be provided by MIZO, provided that they are in stock at the time of booking. In the event that an item is out of stock, MIZO will make every effort to contact you with an offer to purchase an alternative item of a similar nature and price, and accordingly you will be given the option to change your order or cancel your original order.
• MIZO reserves the right to terminate, at any time and without prior notice, the production of any item and / or its offer for the purchase and / or provision of any service by it and you waive any claim and / or demand and / or claim in connection therewith.


3. Purchase on the site

• In order for MIZO to be able to supply the items you ordered, your order must be received and received on the Company’s computer in a proper and orderly manner, containing all the details required for the shipment of the items and for billing. Various reasons can cause malfunctions and disruptions in your order. If you receive notice of incorrect content in the order details and / or notice of a malfunction that occurred in the system at the time of receiving the order, we recommend that you contact Customer Service at 03-5164105 or email
• If at the time of booking you provide incorrect identification information, we will not be able to guarantee that the items will be delivered to you. In the event that the items return to us, due to incorrect details that you provided, you will be charged for shipping fees and handling of the order. Please be sure to fill out accurate and up-to-date information. The submission of false personal information is absolutely prohibited by law and the Company reserves the right to take all legal and legal measures against anyone who provided such false identification information.
• Once you confirm your order, using the “Pay” option which also confirms the accuracy of the details provided by you and your consent to such purchase, your order will be transferred to the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf for execution.
• As of the date of confirmation of the order, as noted, the order can not be changed and / or canceled by you except in accordance with the alternatives listed in the section “Cancellation of Purchase” (Section 9 of the Terms of Use).
• Prerequisites for making an order and supplying the purchased items are:


(1) Ending the verification of the credit card information provided by you.
(2) obtaining the approval of the credit card company for the purchase of the items.
• Once your credit card details have been checked and your credit card company has received the approval to make the purchase. If the item requested by you is in stock and the order has been approved by the company, your offer will be considered executable and the company will act to supply the ordered item.
• The price you will be charged is the one specified on the website at the time you made the purchase. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Company reserves the right to change, at any time, at its sole discretion, the prices of the items and / or services displayed on the Site, without notice.


4. payment methods

• Payment for the purchase of items on the site will be done in using a valid credit card that can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel lawfully.
There is a possibility of bank transfer, if you are interested send us an email


5. Customer privacy

• The company uses the SHOPIFY service on which the site is built and the SITEGROUND for storage
• The information that the Company receives from you including information obtained from the use, such as your computer’s IP address, the style of services and / or publications that you are normally interested in while using the Site, etc., including your personal information, is for the purpose of providing the service and running the site in the best manner Billing and shipping in the case of an order made by you, so that you can order items from the site and receive them without errors. Your personal details, as well as details of your purchases, will be stored in the site’s database in accordance with the provisions of the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, and will be used in accordance with the provisions of this law and / or the provisions of any law.
• The Company does its best to protect the integrity of your personal information received on this Site and to keep it confidential. Data collection and retention are done in a secure environment – the company uses a combination of security technologies, security practices, and organizational means to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. When the company transfers sensitive personal data, for example, credit card details (over the Internet) it protects them using SSL encryption technologies. Some of the services on the site require registration, under which you will be required to provide personal details such as your full name and email address, and you hereby declare that these details are provided to the Company of your own free will and with your consent.
You agree that upon registration, your e-mail address will be added to the mailing list of the site and will give the company the right to make use of this information for the purpose of promoting sales, advertising, improving the services provided by the company and enriching the content of the website in accordance with the provisions of the Israeli Communications Law Amendment No. 40), 5768-2008 (the “Spam Law”). If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, you may remove yourself at any time.


• The Company may hire other companies to provide limited services on its behalf, such as: answering questions related to the support or statistical analysis of its services. The Company will provide these companies with the personal information you need to provide the Services, and companies and their employees are prohibited from using this Personal Information for any other purpose
The Company uses cookies and similar technologies in essence for the ongoing and proper operation of the Site (collectively, the “Cookies”), including the collection of statistical data on the use of the Site, the verification of details, the adaptation of the Site to your personal preferences and information security needs. You can adjust your browser to accept or reject “cookies”, or it will notify you when “cookies” are sent to you. Because each browser works differently, check the “Help” menu in your browser for how to make these adjustments.
• As stated, the Company devotes resources and takes various security measures to prevent penetration of the database and to prevent possible harm to user privacy. However, it is not possible to rule out disruptions completely. Therefore, you hereby declare that you will not have any claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf due to such injuries, malfunctions and / or disruptions. The Company recommends that you take all possible precautions to protect your personal information while you are online. For example, change your passwords frequently, use a combination of letters and numbers when creating passwords, and make sure that you are using a secure browser.
• Any information and / or other content entered into the Company’s website is presumed to be confidential. By entering information and / or sending information and / or any other material through the company’s website and / or placing data on the site you declare that: The rights to use and distribute such information and / or material are in your possession; And / or material, and that the entry of the information and / or the material will not violate and / or damage the rights of any third party under any law, and / or harm and / or any law, including infringement of the privacy of any third party by virtue of any law. The Company may use the information and / or other material subject to the provisions of this Chapter.
• Your e-mail address and other details are subject to the above-mentioned Privacy Policy. The Company shall, to the extent possible, avoid knowingly delivering your personal information to third parties unless you are required to do so by judicial order or if you face a threat of legal action (Criminal or civil) for actions that you performed on the Company’s website, in which case the Company may give your details to the party claiming to have been harmed by you or pursuant to the provisions of the judicial order without prior notice.
• The Company may change from time to time the provisions of the Privacy Policy. If material changes are made to this policy, the instructions regarding the use of personal information you provide will be published on the Company’s website.


6. Supply of products after purchase

• The delivery time for most of the items sold on the site is between 14 and 28 working days from the date of approval of the order. Items with a longer supply time estimate shall be noted on the website (hereinafter: “the supply dates”). Calculation of delivery dates will be according to business days, ie


Sundays to Thursdays, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, Jewish holidays and holidays. At the same time, the Company will make every effort to bring forward the supply time.
Please note that the delivery times of products not delivered by courier are not subject to inspection and you declare that you will have no claim Due to disruptions in non-courier delivery.
• If your order has not been accepted within the above dates, contact us at


7. Cancellation of purchase and return of items

• The Company will replace and / or recieve an item purchased through this site, according to the alternatives detailed below, only if unused, in their original packaging and without any defect and / or wear thereof, together with the original invoice. To return the products, you must contact us within 2 days of receiving the package from MIZO at:
• The sale items must be returned within 7 working days to the shop.
There is no money refund on sale items, however you can get unlimited time credit if you’ll like to return your purchase.


– Cancellation of the transaction for a refund – the purchase of an item purchased on this website may be canceled at any time from the date of execution of the order until the end of 48 hours from the date of execution of the transaction. After the above date, the transaction can not be canceled. Cancellation of an order will be made by e-mail to, accompanied by a telephone message to the company’s customer service. The cancellation of the order as stated is the return of the item to the Company’s studio either personally or by financing the cost of the shipping charge in its original packaging, which will entitle you to reimbursement of the actual item paid by you (less shipping and return fees as determined by law) Without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, it should be clarified that a product that has been personally customized (such as engraving, different stone, ring size, etc.) can not be returned or replaced, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.
• The items leaving the company’s studio undergo a rigorous quality control process. However, if the items you ordered were not correct when received as a result of the Company’s failure, you will not be charged shipping, packaging, return or handling fees. If you receive a defective item, you will make every effort to suggest that you replace the defective item with a valid item, in accordance with which you will be given the option to receive the correct item or cancel your order.
• It is hereby clarified that nothing in the aforesaid shall derogate from the Company’s right to claim any damage caused to it in respect of such cancellation because the value of the item has decreased as a result of a significant deterioration in its condition.


8. Intellectual Property

• All copyrights and intellectual property rights are on the MIZOwebsit


Including its design, and any software, application, graphic file, texts, clothing items, computer code and any other material contained therein (the “Site Content”) are the sole property of the Company and / or its content providers and / or partners Business, as the case may be.
• Do not copy, distribute, make changes, broadcast, publicly display, reproduce, publish, issue a license, create derivative works or sell any of the contents of the Site or deliver to any third party any part thereof without the explicit consent of
MIZO in writing and advance. The name of MIZO is the exclusive property of MIZOZO FASHION DESIGNERS, if published by advertisers, the property of these advertisers only. They should not be used without their consent, in writing and in advance.
• The Company reserves all its rights and property in the contents of the Site, and does not actually enter the Site in order to grant any license and / or right to the contents of the Site and / or part thereof.


9. Links to other sites

• The site presents various types of information. In this framework, links to sites of third parties (hereinafter: “third parties”) are operated, inter alia,
• Content displayed on third party websites, are not owned by the Company, are not operated by it, are not its responsibility, and are the sole responsibility of those third parties.
• It is hereby clarified that the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf are not in any way linked to the sites of third parties and therefore are not responsible for the contents contained therein, the terms of use of those sites, their privacy policy and / or anything else in connection with those sites. By accessing any of the Linked Sites, you hereby irrevocably release the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf from any liability in connection with such sites.
• The Company does not guarantee that all links found on the Site will be valid and lead you to a website or an active media channel. The Company may cancel a link included in the Site or refrain from adding a new link, all in its sole discretion. The Company does not warrant that there will be no malfunction or defect or failures (“interference”) in the operation of the Site and / or the Internet and / or the cellular network and / or any other media in which and / or the contents of the Site and / .


• Use of third party websites is subject to the terms of use set by those third parties on these linked sites and the Company has no responsibility in connection therewith. To the extent that you are moving to Linked Sites, we encourage you to read the site’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and to ensure that the site is indeed suitable for your use of web sites and does not contain prohibited content such as flagrant, illegal, and / or inappropriate content.


10. Limitation of use

• This site is protected under Israeli law and international law, including copyrights and trademarks.
• You hereby undertake not to make any illegal and / or contrary to the terms of use and / or services provided by the Site.
• These Terms of Use do not grant rights or licenses to make changes and / or modifications to this Site and / or its contents whether viewed, downloaded from the Site or otherwise accessed. The
authorization granted to you for use of the Site does not include: purchase and / or other use for commercial purposes, copying or reproduction or distribution or creation of any item using the information contained on this Site, except with the express permission of the Company, except as permitted by law and / .
• You may not insert contents and / or upload information or files or codes in the Site and / or modify, harm, interfere with or impair this Site or the information contained in it or any proprietary rights of the Company or of any third party.
• It is strictly forbidden to make improper and unauthorized use of this site, including the introduction of “Trojan horses,” “viruses,” “worms,” or the use of computer programs that are harmful to all and unauthorized access to the site, accounts, computer systems , The database of the site, or networks and other computers related to the site by performing the steps listed above.
• It is prohibited to display and / or publish and / or plant on this site and / or sites linked to it illegal information and / or material, which contains defamation, etc.
• You agree and undertake to indemnify and indemnify the Company, its employees and employees against any and all claims and / or demands, including, without limitation, legal fees and legal costs, if any, arising out of your prohibited use of the Website, Or accessed through the Site, or arising out of the results of any use that is contrary to the Site’s regulations.


11.Limitation of Liability

• To remove any doubt and without derogating from the terms of use below, browsing and / or use of the site is at your own risk. This Site, including its content and the information contained in it, any link to another website appearing therein, may be used as is, without any obligation on the part of the Company. Therefore, the contents of this site and / or this document do not constitute representation by the Company regarding the reliability, suitability, timeliness and accuracy of the information, software, items, contextual and graphics accompanying this site for any purpose whatsoever. Therefore, you shall have no claim, demand or claim against the Company for its contextual features, capabilities, limitations or suitability to your needs and requirements.
• Will not apply to MIZO directly and / or indirectly, and / or the directors of the Company and / or officers of the Company, as defined in the Companies Law, 5759-1999, its employees and / or its various suppliers and / or anyone acting on behalf of the Company, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF DATA OR LOSS OF PROFITS ARISING OUT OF OR IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THE USE OF THIS SITE, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF DATA OR LOSS OF PROFITS And / or its performance, delay in use or inability to use the site, supply or non-provision of services including data, text, images, video or audio, or any information, software, If you are not satisfied with any part of this site, or from any of the terms and conditions of this website, you will not be responsible for any information published on the site by third parties. Use, sole and exclusive remedy at your disposal is to stop using the site.
• The Company shall not bear any liability for any damage that may be caused to you, including delays in the supply of items, as a result of events beyond its control, such as strikes or disruptions, computer system failures or telephone systems and / or communications systems, (Such as war, earthquake, weather, etc.), events that will be affected by the completion of the ordering process and / or the fulfillment of the delivery dates.
• This Site may contain links to Web sites not operated by the Company but by other parties. These links are for your convenience only. The Company has no control over these Web sites and is not responsible for the content appearing therein, actions, publications or services available on these websites. The inclusion of these links on this web site does not constitute a confirmation of the material appearing in them, nor does it attest to any connection with the operators of the said sites and any use of this site and reliance on this site is the sole responsibility of the user


12. Termination of engagement

• The Company retains the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate, remove, modify and / or restrict (as applicable) the characteristics, applications, services and / or contents included on the Site or some of them and / / Or announce anything.
• The Company reserves its exclusive right to refuse to grant access to this site or any part thereof to any user, including you, at its sole discretion and without notice.
• The Company will be entitled to terminate the agreement with you, at its sole discretion and without prior notice. Upon termination and / or cancellation, you are required to immediately cease using this site.
• The Company may stop providing services to this site and / or discontinue the operation of this site, in whole or in part at its sole discretion, temporarily or permanently, without giving notice in advance and without taking any backup of the content of the site or part thereof.
• By using the Site you hereby irrevocably waive any claim and / or claim and / or demand against the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with changes to the Site, the temporary or permanent cessation of the Site’s activity and / or in connection with the termination, removal , Alteration and / or limitation by the Company and / or anyone acting on its behalf of the features, applications, services, content and / or anything else contained on the Site.


13. Change in terms and conditions

• The Company reserves the right to enter, at any time and without prior notice, changes in the terms, conditions and notices applicable to the use of this Web site and these changes will take effect immediately upon their entry into the Site.
• You agree that the above changes will apply to you and will be binding upon you immediately upon their insertion, therefore we recommend that you read the updated version of the Terms of Use on this Site.
Having read the terms of use set out above, I hereby declare that I agree and accept them in full, and therefore I hereby undertake to act as part of the use of the Site solely in accordance with the Terms of Use.

We wish you a nice shopping experience