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January sale -buy for 2000 get 200


    Jeanne Gray Knit GolfJeanne Gray Knit Golf
    Jeanne Gray Knit Golf
    Regular price₪449.00₪224.00
    George Gray T-Shirt
    Regular price₪279.00₪139.00
      Bonnie & Clyde Black Kimono CardiganBonnie & Clyde Black Kimono Cardigan
      Bonnie & Clyde Black Kimono Cardigan
      Regular price₪550.00₪275.00
      Thelma Print Shirt
      Regular price₪399.00₪199.00
        George Black T-Shirt
        Regular price₪279.00₪139.00
          George T-Shirt
          Regular price₪279.00₪139.00

            New Arrivals

            New LEIA Dress
            Regular price₪280.00₪200.00
              New Velvet Golf
              Regular price₪200.00
                New Velvet Skirt
                Regular price₪200.00
                  New Erin Black Pants
                  Regular price₪222.00₪200.00
                    New ALEX Dress
                    Regular price₪200.00

                      2019/20 WINTER COLLECTION

                      MIZO ART

                      Mizo Art was created from the idea, and withinthe experience To provide another point of view about the strong connection Between fashion and art. Fashion, from this point of view, does not created only for the sake of fashion, for the need of covering or for adornment, Fashion created from the need to express and explore, and from a connection to an addition elements like the movement of the body, This together turns to a sort of installation. MIZO ART was born from the strong connection of INBAL as a fashion &custome designer and as a movement artist.

                      Mizo On Instagram